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August 2016

What Is Central Sleep Apnea Syndrome and the Symptoms?

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Central Sleep Apnea Syndrome What Central Sleep Apnea Syndrome? Central sleep apnea syndrome is a breathing disorder that causes your body makes less effort to breathe or completely stop breathing during sleep. The body will also start by itself again with breathing, after which the stop trying again, etc. It is the result of a problem with the [...]

Sleep Apnea Side Effects Can Be Serious

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Sleep Apnea Side Effects For Health Problems Can Be Serious Sleep Apnea Side Effects Sleep apnea is a serious problem. Sleep apnea can cause various problems that a person can not or malfunction. Here are, among others, the following questions arise: What is sleep apnea? What are the causes and how to prevent sleep apnea and healed. . [...]

July 2016

Grit Cakes Recipe

By | July 20th, 2016|Categories: Dinner Recipes|Tags: , , , |

 Cake - Fireplaces with Grit Grit Cakes Recipe Number of persons: 4 Time to prepare: 40 + 120 Menu Gang: dessert Ingredients 8 marshmallows 150 g of cream cheese 2 tbsp cocoa powder 100g spreadable 2 tbsp semi-skimmed milk 250g self-raising flour 5 eggs, at room temperature 250 g of butter at room temperature 250g dark brown sugar [...]

Tiramisu Recipe for Sinterklaas’s Anniversary

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Ice - Sinterklaas's anniversary tiramisu Tiramisu Recipe Number of persons: 6 people Time to prepare: 20 Menu Gang: dessert Ingredients 50 g sugar 25 ml brandy 100g ricotta 100g mascarpone 200 g gingerbread 100 ml vanilla custard 50 g of mocha beans 120ml Greek yoghurt 125 ml espresso , freshly put Preparation: Mix the espresso with brandy and [...]